Nectar "T"

is able to Fight & Delay the Progress

of Muscular Dystrophy & Multiple Sclerosis

                                  (According to Patients Reports)

Nectar "T" Treatment


The NECTAR "T" Daily Nutrition Program was created in 1993 by  John Bazakis after his daughter was diagnosed suffering from Friedreich’s Ataxia      (a Degenerative disease similar to Muscular Dystrophy ).
The  NECTAR "T" Daily Nutrition Program is the same Natural nutrition , the Queen Bees follow daily , in order to extend their life span 40 times more than other bees , to be invulnerable to diseases and to be granted with the capability to gestate.


How does Nectar "T"  influences Queen Bee
The exact way of   the Mechanism - that this feed of Queen Bee - acts to her organism is unknown , but the results of her longevity , capability to avoid diseases and the capability to gestate show that this feed has the ability to Renew , Restore , the  cells and Activate the sleeping mechanisms of her organism , transforming her from a common bee to a Queen bee


How does Nectar "T"  influences Human Beings
This Activation of the sleeping abilities to the bee organism –due to Nectar T nutrition - seems to influence positively also the human organism

According to patients personal reports Nectar “T” nutrition is able to :

Slow down  the speed of  the degenerative diseases progression , in order to:

Avoid or Delay complications dangerous for the patients’ life.
Prevent the expansion of the Diseases from 20%up to 80%.

 Succeed a better quality of life.

Endow the extra time  patients need in order  to stand firm till the cure of these diseases is discovered in the future


Time needed for Nectar “T” to  have  first positive results
Nectar “T” acts additively to the human organism  and the first  positive results appear between 1 -4 months consumption .
First  positive signs  of the Nectar “T”  are usually  Better Wellness , Better Strength , Better Sexuality & Better Awakeness  .

 How to check the effect of Nectar T to degenerative diseases
As we already know the aim of Nectar T is not to eliminate degenerative diseases , but to push back their progress in order  to Avoid or Delay complications dangerous for patients’  life in the  depth of time & Endow the extra time ,patients need in order  to stand firm , till the cure of these diseases will be discovered in future .

For this reason it is difficult sometimes for patients ,to check the exact effect of  Nectar T to their organism while their disease is progressing continuously.
However , there is an easy way through the “Awakening Test”   to check the effect of Nectar T through  its direct  action to “Insomnia” that affects mostly Patients who suffer from degenerative diseases.
Patients who suffer from degenerative diseases are mostly additionally suffering from insomnia  either because of the disease by her self or the medicines they may take or both of them .

This happens because the medications or the Illness by her self disrupt brain chemistry.

It is a debacle for an ill person to have insomnia. This is because if an individual is ill, he/she must get his/her sleep to recover from the illness. Sleep is necessary for the normal rejuvenating/healing processes.  Harsh medications disrupt brain chemistry, which further interferes in healing.  

A natural sleep must be induced,  so that the nervous system must be put into balance and the body can relax.


The “Awakening Test”
The “Awakening Test” permits Patients to check the effect of Nectar T to their organism & control the exact daily doses they need to confront their degenerative diseases.

In order to find out the exact quantity needed, patients must consume              1 capsule ( Vial ) of Nectar T daily about 2 – 3 hours before sleeping.

The result will be a better awaking up in the morning accompanied with good mood  & refresh feeling.
Patients must follow this Test continuously every day in order to find out the exact Nectar T quantity needed  monthly and keep them selves in the best awakening condition something  directly connected  with the effect of Nectar T to their disease .


No Adverse reactions from the Nectar "T" daily Nutrition
The Nectar "T" is a natural pure fresh substance derived from the Beehives without any adverse reactions ,can be taken for life time except in cases of Allergic Patients to honey products .


Royal Cells Group  observes   Patients  as long as they continue the Nectar "T" nutrition
 Royal Cells Group communicates continuously with patients  in order to observe their progress related with the Nectar T  daily doses  and help  them with advices for their particular problems