Nectar "T"

is able to Fight & Delay the Progress

of Muscular Dystrophy & Multiple Sclerosis

                                  (According to Patients Reports)

About Us



The activities of Royal Cells Group started in 1993 in Greece by  John Bazakis when his daughter was diagnosed suffering from Friedreich's Ataxia ( a similar case to Muscular Dystrophy )


The  first  thought was  a Natural  hygiene nutrition to be found   ,without any adverse reactions , capable to bust the human organism  in  order to  defend  better against the attacks of  the disease. For this  reason  and with  the cooperation of Medical Doctors , Homeopaths and Apitherapists ,a combination of Royal Jelly , honey and propolis was chosen  . 


Our justified  expectations  were also  adopted  by other patients all over the world , who compehended the great significance of delaying the progress of the disease  


The positive results  of Nectar "T" are based to personal observations of the patients.



Royal Cells  Group