Nectar "T"

is able to Fight & Delay the Progress

of Muscular Dystrophy & Multiple Sclerosis

                                  (According to Patients Reports)



Nectar “T” & Homeopathy
 Nectar "T" is compatible with any other remedies, but according to Patients reports seems to act better when taken additional with Homeopathy Treatments.

The reason is that the Homeopathy  treatments  need the strong healthy cells  that Nectar T can give, in order to energize to the maximum the reaction of the human organism and provide healing through Homeopathy Remedies.

Nectar T is a very useful tool in the hands of Homeopaths for Faster (Quicker)  and better results for all Homeopathy remedies
of Diseases can be helped with Homeopathy Remedies additionally with Nectar T

o    Abdominal Pain
o    Abortion/miscarriage
o    Abscess
o    Achalasia Cardia
o    Acid Reflux
o    Acne Treatment
o    Acromegaly
o    Acute and Chronic Pancreatitis
o    Acute Appendicitis and Homoeopathy
o    Acute promylocytic leukemia
o    Acute Renal Failure
o    Addison’s Disease
o    Adenoids
o    ADHD
o    Adrenal Fatigue
o    After Pains, Pains After Labor/Delivery
o    Agalactia
o    AIDS – Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
o    Allergy Treatment
o    Alopecia
o    Alzheimer’s Disease
o    Amenorrhea
o    Amnesia
o    Amoebiasis
o    Anal Fissure
o    Anemia
o    Angina
o    Ankylosing spondylitis
o    Anorexia Nervosa
o    Anosmia
o    Anthrax
o    Anuria
o    Anxiety
o    Appendicitis
o    Arm Pain
o    Arteriosclerosis
o    Arthritis
o    Ascites Treatment
o    Aspergers Syndrome
o    Asthenopia
o    Asthma
o    Astigmatism
o    Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
o    Autism
o    Backache
o    Bacterial Vaginosis
o    Belly Pain
o    Benign Prostate Hypertrophy BPH
o    Best Acne Treatment
o    Beta Thalessemia
o    Beyond The Constraints of Alumina Unlocking the Key to Dementia
o    Bipolar Disorder
o    Birth Defects
o    Bladder Cancer Symptoms
o    Blepharitis
o    Blood in urine
o    Blood Pressure Symptoms
o    Boils, Skin abscess
o    Bone Diseases
o    Bowel incontinence
o    Brain Diseases
o    Breast Diseases
o    Bronchiectasis
o    Bronchitis
o    Cancer
o    Candida
o    Carbuncle
o    Cardiac diseases
o    Cataract
o    Celiac Disease
o    Cellulite Treatment
o    Cellulitis Treatment
o    Central precocious puberty
o    Cephalohematoma
o    Cerebral Palsy Symptoms
o    Cerebral Stroke
o    Chagas disease
o    Chest Pain
o    Chickenpox
o    Chikungunya
o    Childhood diseases
o    Chlamydia infection
o    Chloasma
o    Cholera
o    Cholesterol
o    Chorea – Involuntary Limb Movements
o    Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
o    Cold Symptoms
o    Colic Solution
o    Colitis
o    Common Cold
o    Conjunctivitis
o    Constipation
o    Corns
o    Cough
o    Crohn’s disease
o    Croup
o    Crying Infant – Colicky Baby
o    Cure Anxiety
o    Cure Depression
o    Cure for Arthritis
o    Cure for Genital Warts
o    Cure for Hemorrhoids
o    Cure for Swine Flu
o    Cure for Warts
o    Cure Headaches
o    Cure High Blood Pressure
o    Cure Insomnia
o    Cure Sore Throat
o    Cystic Fibrosis
o    Cystitis
o    Dandruff
o    Debility, Fatigue
o    Dehydration Treatment
o    Delirium
o    Delirium Tremens
o    Dementia
o    Dengue fever
o    Dental Caries and Dental abscess
o    Depression Treatment
o    Diabetes
o    Dialysis
o    Diarrhea
o    Diphtheria
o    Diseases of Mouth – Ulcers, Bleeding gums
o    Diseases of the Heart – Valvular Lesions
o    Diverticular disease
o    Drooling
o    Dropsical Affections / Oedema
o    Dry mouth
o    Duodenal ulcer
o    Dysentery
o    Dyslexia
o    Dysmenorrhoea
o    Dyspareunia
o    Dysuria
o    Ear Diseases
o    Early signs of pregnancy
o    Eating Disorders
o    Eczema Treatment
o    Egg Allergy
o    Elephantiasis
o    Endocarditis
o    Endometriosis
o    Enlarged heart
o    Eosinophilia
o    Epilepsy
o    Epistaxis
o    Erectile Dysfunction
o    Erysipelas, Cellulitis
o    Erythema Nodosum
o    Exhaustion Symptoms
o    Exophthalmos
o    Eyes Diseases
o    Fatigue Symptoms
o    Fatty liver
o    Felon
o    Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
o    Fever
o    Fibroid removal
o    Fibromyalgia
o    Fibromyalgia Pain
o    Filariasis
o    Flu Cure
o    Food Allergy
o    Foot Pain
o    Frozen Shoulder
o    Furuncle
o    Gallbladder diseases
o    Ganglion Cyst in Wrist
o    Gangrene
o    Gas Pain
o    Gastric Complaints
o    Genital Herpes
o    Genital Warts
o    Giardiasis
o    Gingivitis
o    Gleet, Gonorrhea
o    Glomerulonephritis
o    Goitre
o    Gonorrhea
o    Gout
o    Graves’ Disease
o    Groin Pain
o    Gum disease treatment
o    Haematuria and Homoeopathy
o    Haemorrhoids
o    Hair Loss
o    Hairy Tongue
o    Hay Fever, Allergic Rhinitis
o    Head Injury
o    Head Pain
o    Headache
o    Heart attack
o    Heart Diseases
o    Heat Cramps, Heat Exhaustion and Heat Stroke
o    Heel Pain
o    Hemochromatosis
o    Hemorrhage, Bleeding
o    Hemorrhoids Symptoms
o    Hepatitis A
o    Hepatitis B
o    Hepatitis C
o    Hernia
o    Herpes simplex
o    Herpes Zoster / Shingles
o    High Blood Pressure
o    Hip Pain
o    Hives Remedy
o    Hormone Function – Key Remedies in Treating Hormone Imbalance
o    Hydrocephalus
o    Hydrocoele
o    Hypermesis Graviderum
o    Hypertension / High Blood Pressure
o    Hyperthyroidism
o    Hypoglycemia Symptoms
o    Hypotension, Low Blood Pressure
o    Hypothermia Frostbite
o    Hypothyroidism
o    Hysteria
o    Impotence, Erectile Dysfunction
o    Indigestion
o    Infectious Diarrhea
o    Influenza / Flu
o    Ingrown nail
o    Ingrown Toenail
o    Injuries
o    Insanity
o    Insomnia
o    intercostal neuralgia
o    Intermittent Fever / Malaria
o    Intertrigo
o    Intestinal Obstruction
o    Intestinal problems
o    Iron Deficiency Anemia
o    Ischemic stroke
o    Itchy skin
o    Jaw Pain
o    Joint Pain
o    Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis
o    Kawasaki disease
o    Keloid
o    Keratosis Pilaris
o    Kidney Diseases
o    Kidney Stones
o    Knee Pain
o    Labour, Delivery
o    Labyrinthitis
o    Laryngitis
o    Laryngitis
o    Left Side Pain
o    Leg Muscle Pain
o    Leg Pain
o    Leucorrhoea, Vaginal Discharge
o    Lichen Planus
o    Liver Diseases
o    Living with Haemophilia
o    Locomotor Ataxia
o    Loose stools
o    Low Blood Pressure Symptoms
o    Low Blood Sugar Symptoms
o    Low hemoglobin
o    Lower Abdominal Pain
o    Lumbar Spondylosis & Prolapse Intervertebral Disc Homoeopathic Management
o    Lupus Nephritis Management
o    Lyme Disease
o    Lymphoma
o    Macular dystrophy
o    Malaria Treatment
o    Marasmus
o    Measles
o    Melasma
o    Meningitis
o    Menopause
o    Menorrhagia
o    Menstrual Cramps
o    Mental Problems
o    Metabolic acidosis
o    Metabolic alkalosis
o    Migraine Symptoms
o    Milk Allergy
o    Mitral Stenosis
o    Moles / Naevus
o    Molluscum contagiosum
o    Mood Disorders
o    Morning Sickness in Pregnancy
o    Motion Sickness
o    Multiple Sclerosis
o    Mumps, Parotitis, Swelling of Parotid Gland
o    Muscle Pain
o    Myasthenia gravis
o    Myocarditis
o    Nasal Polyps and Homeopathy
o    Natural Acne Treatment
o    Nausea
o    Neck Pain
o    Neonatal jaundice
o    Nephrotic Syndrome
o    Neuraesthenia, Weakness, Prostration
o    Neuralgia
o    Neuritis
o    Neutropenia
o    Nicotine Use Disorders and Homoeopathy
o    Nocturnal Emissions
o    Nosebleeds and Homoeopathy
o    Obesity
o    Obsessive Compulsive Disorder OCD
o    OCD Treatment
o    Optic Atrophy
o    Orchitis, Pain and Inflammation of Testis
o    Osteoarthritis
o    Osteoporosis
o    Ovarian cancer
o    Pacemaker Syndrome
o    Paget’s disease
o    Pain
o    Pancreatitis
o    Paralysis
o    Parasites in Humans  
o    Parkinsonism
o    Patent Ductus Arteriosus
o    Pellagra
o    Peptic Ulcers
o    Perimenopause Symptoms
o    Perioral dermatitis
o    Peripheral neuropathy
o    Perirectal abscess
o    Peritonitis
o    Pernicious anemia
o    Phobia
o    Photophobia
o    Pilonidal Sinus (Pilonidal cyst)
o    Pink eye (conjunctivitis)
o    Pityriasis rosea
o    Placenta Previa
o    Plantar Fasciitis / Pain in Soles
o    Pleurisy
o    Pleurodynia
o    Pneumonia
o    Pott’s Disease / Tuberculosis of Spine
o    Premenstrual Syndrome PMS
o    Presbycusis
o    Proctitis
o    Prolapsed Intervertebral Disc (Slipped Disc)
o    Prostate Gland Enlargement, Prostatitis, BPH
o    Protein deficiency
o    Pruritus Ani
o    Pruritus vulva
o    Psoriasis
o    Ptyalism
o    Pulmonary hypertension
o    Pulsatilla in Malposition of the Foetus
o    Rabies
o    Rashes
o    Repetitive stress injury (RSI)
o    Restless Legs Syndrome
o    Rheumatic Fever
o    Rheumatism
o    Rheumatoid Arthritis
o    Right Pain
o    Ring Worm
o    Roundworm infection
o    Scabies
o    Scarlet Fever
o    Schizophrenia
o    Sciatic Nerve Pain
o    Sciatica
o    Scoliosis
o    Sea Sickness , Motion Sickness
o    Sebaceous cysts
o    Seborrheic Dermatitis
o    Septicemia
o    Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) / Atypical Pneumonia
o    Shingles Cure
o    Sjogrens Syndrome
o    Skin Diseases
o    Sleep Apnoea
o    Slipped Disk
o    Smallpox
o    Sore Throat
o    Spermatorrhoea Involuntary loss of semen
o    Spinal Diseases
o    Spine Pain
o    Stress Symptoms
o    Suicidal Thoughts
o    Sunstroke
o    Surgical Shock, Postoperative Shock
o    Swelling of Glands
o    Swine Flu (H1N1)
o    Swine Flu / H1N1 Influenza
o    Synovitis
o    Syphilis
o    Teeth Affections
o    Tetanus
o    Thalassemia
o    Threadworms
o    Throbbing headache
o    Thrombophilia
o    Thyroid Problems
o    Tinnitus cure
o    Tonsillitis
o    Tooth Pain
o    Tuberculosis of Skin
o    Tympanitis
o    Type 1 diabetes
o    Type 2 diabetes
o    Typhoid Fever
o    Ulcer of the Stomach
o    Ulcerative Colitis
o    Ulcers
o    Urinary Complaints
o    Urticaria
o    Uterine prolapse
o    UTI Remedy
o    Vaginitis
o    Valvular heart disease
o    Vasculitis
o    Vertigo
o    Viral Hepatitis
o    Vitamin B12 Deficiency Symptoms
o    Vitiligo
o    Vocal Cord Problems
o    Volvulus of intestine
o    Vomiting
o    Warts
o    Weakness
o    Wet Dreams
o    Wheat Allergy
o    Whooping Cough
o    Women, Diseases Of
o    Wound Care with Homeopathy
o    Wrist Pain
o    Yellow Fever